Patients & Caregivers

Every individual experiences a cancer diagnosis and what follows differently. We help make sense of confusing information, choices and services while keeping you connected to the things and people that matter to you.

At no charge to you, ever.

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Transforming cancer care together

We are fortunate to collaborate directly with patientshealth systemshealth plans, leading industry partners and advocacy  organizations to rethink how we serve patients as a collective.

With our partners, we are on the front lines of innovation by leveraging technology to serve patients from screening to diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

Together, we can create more hope and less waste for those with and at risk for cancer.

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Patient Differently

Creating space for those diagnosed to be empowered and create hope for future patients

Health Systems

A patient portal should do more than give patients one-directional access to their medical records. Rethink bi-directional communication and information exchange with patients. Improve patient care and configure myRabble to include your support services (e.g. mental health).

Ways to partner

  • Contemporizes the delivery and engagement measurements of your approved content with predefined triggers.
  • Assists track engagement with patient navigation and survivorship program elements
  • Study the impact of digitizing a patient care pathway on resource utilization, patient experience, and outcomes
  • Customized patient portal featuring health system/practice branding for your membership
  • Improve adherence to treatment regimens including nutrition and exercise with myRabble's social connection, reminder and calendar features
  • Patient reported outcomes may indicate the need for additional intervention.

Let's discuss how to improve the patient experience and ultimately patient outcomes.

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Reach more patients closer to their diagnosis by targeting your services and support programs to the right patients based on the individual's stated needs. Free to your membership - always.

Ways to partner

  • Feature your educational and support services in a targeted way to the myRabble platform membership
  • Achieve and report KPIs for program impact
  • All new and existing advocacy organization members are provided free access to myRabble
  • Assess engagement and utilization of services in a measurable way
  • Recruit new members
  • Leverage additional social channels to broaden awareness about your organization
  • Bespoke programs to deliver on your stated objectives
  • Co-create content for the myRabble LEARN educational modules
  • Real-world evidence data collection

No idea is too big or too small. Let's discuss how we can help you improve screening and access to your services.

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Health Plans

Health Plans: myRabble facilitates the exchange of HIPAA compliant real-world data between your plan, patients and providers, ensuring early intervention, optimal care and a better patient experience.

Ways to partner

  • Customized, branded patient portal for your members.
  • Curated content reflecting covered tests, procedures, treatments
  • Assess patient engagement and resource utilization in a measurable way
  • Evaluate the impact of digitizing a patient care pathway on patient experience, outcomes, and cost measures
  • Measure membership satisfaction through targeted surveys.

Let's discuss how myRabble can help your membership engage in shared decision making and reduce waste.

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Life Sciences

Scientific innovation is being stifled by the inability to effectively reach patients throughout your commercialization process. We tailor our offerings to help you with speed to market and growth within market. From trials, to testing, to treatment, we help create innovative solutions that go beyond the molecule to serve patients better.

Ways to partner

  • Assess reach and impact of advocacy offerings
  • Bolster shared decision-making at the right time in the patient journey
  • Better targeted clinical trial recruitment efforts
  • Micro-targeted delivery of product information for patients at the right time
  • Execute patient or caregiver surveys with myRabble membership

Let's discuss how myRabble can improve trial recruitment and patient experience.

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